Instant Recommendations - personalizing your store

Instant Recommendations - allows merchants to create a customized personal shopping experience on their store.

The Frankie Instant Recommendations API allows shoppers to interactively refine their product search, in real-time, with feedback the shopper provides. This allows the shopper to quickly view the products that hold the highest interest to them, in an uninterrupted shopping flow.

How does it work

The number of products displayed does not change. When the shopper clicks a like, the displayed products refresh:

  1. Products that are similar to what is liked are added
  2. Products that are dissimilar to what is liked are removed

The shopper can continue to refine their search with additional Likes/disLikes.

API Example

The animated gif below demonstrates this API concept. 

When a shopper clicks on the like icon (thumbs up), the products displayed 'refresh' to better match their tastes. The shopper can continue to click like/dislike until the products displayed best match what the shopper is looking for. The use of this API results in extremely high levels of engagement, shopping satisfaction and conversion rates.

Frankie instant recommendation API


Next steps

Our custom APIs reflect the world-leading nature of Frankie AI technology. We allow merchants to create that something extra special on their store. We believe in personalization within the main shopping flow, throughout the store to create a richer, personalized, uninterrupted shopping experience.

For more details on how you can personalize the shopping experience on your store, contact us on

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